Armida Dry Creek Zinfandel 2018 (750ml)

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One of my favorite attributes found in wine is a perceptible level of tension on the palate. Tension can highlight specific characteristics in a wine and contribute energy and complexity on the palate. There are many winemaking tools and techniques that can be used to create it. Utilizing multiple clones, varietals or vineyards can add tension. It can come from utilizing both younger and older vines, the use of different types of oak barrels or multiple fermentation methods. Armida’s 2017 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel shows tremendous tension and was created from a mix of 2/3 old and 1/3 younger vines. They source from over a dozen vineyard sources Dry Creek, both hillside and valley floor and most of them are farmed by 4th and 5th generation farmers. Immersed in exceptional vineyards, this classic Californian Zinfandel perfectly portrays the essence of Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel. The winery ferments the grapes from each distinct vineyard separately before creating a masterful blend. They also use a complex mix of American, Hungarian and French oak adding yet even more complexity.

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