Capurro Pisco Moscatel (750ml)

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Capurro is a 100-year-old, family-owned company with roots in nearby San Mateo. The family operates a Peruvian food and import business on B Street downtown, and they self-distribute their own pisco. It's literally a mom-and-pop operation. This new line of Capurro piscos are all from the 2012 vintage in Peru and have been rested in stainless steel tanks for over three years. There are three single varietal expressions (Moscatel, Torontel, and Quebranta) and one acholado which means a blend of different grapes. They are made entirely from estate-grown fruit, with no additives and no filtration. All of them are outstanding and worth your time. Moscatel is the Spanish word for Muscat, which is an incredibly fruity and aromatic grape varietal. The floral and vibrant qualities are therefore distilled into the spirit, creating an expressive and exotic flavor that adds an incredible versatility and pizzazz to any cocktail bar.

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