Dewar's White Label Scotch (750ml)

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Nose: Lemony. White peach. Chloraseptic. Thin. After a rest in the glass, white peaches dominate. Lemon sorbet, and a distinct neutral spirit – something in between vodka and cleaning solution. Pale honey and a hint of hops. Luckily, the white fruit and citrus counterpoint the harshness of the alcohol in the nose, but it’s still clear this contains young grain spirit. Palate: A bit of creaminess in the body – unexpected. The alcohol hits harshly upfront, then quickly dissipates, leaving watered-down honey, small beer, and lemon peel. Finish: Very short and uninteresting. The lemon floats to the top, but the vodka notes win out in the end, leaving an impression of low-quality spirit.

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