Scribe Atlas Peak West Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 (750ml)

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We cracked a bottle of this in the cellar and all ended up buying a few bottles to take home that day! This wine will make you a Scribe believer if you aren't already –it delivers as soon as you rip the cork: layers of dark spices, cardamom and eucalyptus roll into black fruit and mind-boggling complexity– we get it Scribe, you're more than just a beautiful winery & tasting experience. The proof is in the bottle. This bottle!

We've truly found harmony in the Atlas Peak West vineyard, the source for this stunning 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon.Perched in the well-draining soils on the slopes of the Vaca Range, the vines from this west-facing vineyard sit well above the fog line. The location gives their Cabernet grapes unmatched exposure to sunshine, promoting incredible flavor development. All the while, the vines remain stressed, creating an intense structure for the final wine.This site might be one of the most rugged, difficult-to-farm spots in Napa Valley, but the pay-off is clearly worth every ounce!

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