Seven Stills Insane In The Yeast Strain DIPA 4pck cans (16oz)

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For this month's DIPA release, we wanted to go big! We wanted to go bold! Dare we say, we wanted to get a little CRAZY... So we employed the well known "Vermont" strain of yeast (sometimes known as Conan, or Barbarian yeast) and let it unleash it's fermentation brutality on our latest creation! Sometimes referred to as "steroids for hops," we figured that it could only benefit from having some of the best, boldest hops to work with, so we got Idaho 7, The Bruce, and our good friend Mosaic, and Vermont did not hesitate to juice the hell out of all three of them! Teeming with huge aromas of citrus and stone fruit, this beer is pure juice bomb! Notes of pineapple, peaches, oranges, apricots, mangoes, and grapes are all running wild on our taste buds, and we're in absolutely NO mood to stop them anytime soon! This cup of pure dank is driving us nuts with just how well it turned out, and we couldn't be more stoked than to share it with all of you

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